The principal’s office serves in the different aspects of the overall school management which include curriculum and instruction supervision, financial operations, building maintenance, personnel, public relations, school policy, coordination of the instructional program, and other overall school matters. It ensures equal opportunities for all students, teachers, and other program beneficiaries to participate in any project or activity carried out under the DepEd program.


 i. Records

       School-level record management plays a vital role in the overall functioning of the education system, but more importantly, it increases a school’s ability to meet the needs of students.

     Sto. Rosario Integrated School ensures proper record keeping and makes the information they contain accessible in support of the school administration. The office facilitates the release of school forms students request following standard procedures.

  1.  Issuance of the Following School Forms and Certificates:
  • Transcript of Records (SF10)
  • Duplicate Copy of SF9 (Report Card)
  • Certification, Authentication, and Verification of Basic Education School Records
  • Reconstructed Copy of Certificate of Completion and Diploma
  • Certification of Non-Issuance of SF10 (Form 137 to any school)
  • Certified True Photocopy of Original Documents

      School records necessary for the transfer of schools are issued to clients to comply with the requirements of another institution.

ii. Enhanced Basic Education Information System and Learners Information System

     a. Correction in the Basic Profile of Learners

       Through Learner Information System (LIS),  the school aims to accommodate correction and review of basic information of the learners.

      b. Approval of Transfer Request

        The school intends to accommodate public schools and/or private schools /institution’s requests for transferred-out students

  iii. Guidance Office

   a. Online/Offline Enrolment

            The school conducts the enrolment process both online and offline to ensure continued access to learning opportunities and facilitate the enrolment of learners in basic education.

 b. Request for Certificate of Enrolment

            A certificate of enrolment is an official document that confirms attendance and current enrolment and other academic records of a learner.

  c. Certification of Graduates

            Certificate for Graduates is a school document that shows the student is a graduate of Don Bosco High School Paraňaque if in case the diploma is lost or replacement is not yet available.  Its purpose is for certification, authentication, and verification (CAV) or for job application.

 d. Certificate of Eligibility to Transfer

       The certificate of Eligibility to transfer is a document certifying that a student has no pending accountabilities with a school and is eligible for transfer to another educational institution.

 e. Certified True Copy of Documents

  • Certificate of Completion
  • Certificate of Good Moral
  • Certificate of Graduation

        A certified true copy of a document is a copy of a document that has been verified and certified (stamped and signed) as a true copy of the original document.

f. Certificate of Good Moral Character

             A certificate of Good moral character is a school document that certifies that a student does not have any offenses and that the student generally fulfills his/her responsibilities as a student.

 g. Request for Replacement of ID

           This office ensures that students receive an identification card with their name, ID number and a photo of themselves displayed.  ID number is the unique number assigned to a learner.

h.  Counseling and Referral Services

              Counseling is one of the services being offered by the Guidance Office which helps facilitate the emotional, social, work, school, and physical health concerns of the learners. Once addressed it may improve their sense of wellbeing, alleviate feelings of distress, and resolve crises learners may have encountered.

              Referral is provided to learners to identify the best way to facilitate other assistance that addresses their mental health issues and other concerns.  This requires a wide range of internal partners like teachers and school administrators, external partners like government and non-government agencies, and individuals who are experts in the field.

i.  Consultation Clinic

          Consultation Clinic or Academic Consultation is implemented with the goal of addressing challenges in the basic education during this time of pandemic.  It aims to help learners to improve their learnings, catch up with the lessons and topics to meet learning standards.


            The school facilitates the process of this document, Obligation Request and Status (ORS),  as required by Commission on Audit for certification of allotment and obligation and for future adjustments of expense accounts.  The Budget Unit provides certification of availability of appropriation/allotment that has been made legally for the purpose.  Program implementers are being served in this process as they implement their programs, activities, and projects.


     a.  Recruitment of Teacher Applicants

            This service aims to accommodate teacher applicants and review the submitted documents submitted based on the hiring guidelines issued by the Department of Education

b. Processing of Teacher’s Application for ERF 

An equivalent Record Form is a document indicating educational preparation, training, teaching experience, and extra-curricular activities for professional growth undertaken by the teacher. It is one of the ways for the upgrading positions of Teachers and for Head Teachers when there is no available position due to retirement or natural vacancy.

c. Processing of STEP Increment of Teaching and Non-Teaching Personnel